Words have a kind of magical quality to them. Since I was a child, I was enthralled by the magical tug of words on a page; all the humanity and soul that dashes of ink could produce and inspire. 

I began writing at a young age, and I never stopped. 

I am privileged and honored that my career revolves around my greatest passion; though I spend my days in the shoes of an AI journalist, I spend my nights sinking myself into the shorts and novels that I have always wanted to create. 

"You must stay drunk on writing so reality cannot destroy you."
--Ray Bradbury

Here is some of my favorite work. 

Higher prices, skimpier portions and apps — how fast-food chains are changing value deals

Fast-food chains are playing up the value of their burgers, pizzas and tacos as inflation squeezes budgets — but expect higher prices, skimpier portions and more deals enticing people to sign up for rewards programs as companies rethink their value strategies. Citing rising costs, Domino's Pizza earlier this year raised the price of its Mix & Match delivery deal from $5.99 to $6.99, and made its $7.99 national carry-out offer available only for digital orders. Burger King removed the Whopper fr

How one deepfake revenge porn victim is changing the system

When she called the police, they did nothing. So she decided to try to change the system. • In 2020, Breeze Liu became a victim of deepfake revenge porn. • She has since become an activist in the space, launching AlectoAI, a company designed to help other victims identify and remove nonconsensual content across the internet. Four years ago, Breeze Liu got a call from a friend that changed the trajectory of her life. "I don't want you to panic," he told her, "but there's a video of you circulat

Shinedown Interview: Brent Smith on Songwriting, Smith & Myers, and Upcoming Record

The hard rock band Shinedown was formed in Florida in 2001 and has gone on to release six studio albums and find a high level of mainstream success. The group has the most number-one singles on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Chart out of any other band, with 16 number one tracks. Every single the group has ever released has charted in the top 5 on that same chart. Recently, Billboard ranked Shinedown number 1 on their Greatest of All Time Mainstream Rock Artists chart. In 2020, frontman Brent Smi

The Ballad of Broken Things by Ian M Krietzberg at

“Music, once admitted to the soul, becomes a sort of spirit, and never dies.” ― Edward Bulwer Lytton The little house was bright, deafening in its silence. Sunlight streamed through the big bay window, refracting off the black hole of the TV and outlining the scattered toys and stuffed animals that littered the carpeted floor in a harsh, white glow. A few cushions had been scattered from the couch to the floor, and a series of action figures were jumbled in a haphazard heap beneath the legs