I have been a passionate reader for years, beginning with Harry Potter and continuing through Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, and Shantaram, resulting in a positive library of books stored in my bedroom closet. In high school, my love for reading transferred into a love and passion for writing - I've been writing nonstop since, creating short stories, poems, book drafts, and of course, a wide variety and quantity of articles (including blog posts and journalistic articles). 

I love to write. 

"You must stay drunk on writing so reality cannot destroy you."
--Ray Bradbury

Here is some of my favorite content. 

A Q&A with Five For Fighting: ‘I haven’t written my best song yet’

Everyone may not be familiar with the name Five For Fighting, but the song “100 Years,” one of the band’s biggest hits, has been a familiar staple since its release in 2004. John Ondrasik, also known as Five For Fighting, released his first album “Message For Albert” in 1997, followed by 2000’s “America Town,” which skyrocketed Ondrasik’s career with the groundbreaking single “Superman (It’s Not Easy).” Today, Ondrasik has released a total of six studio albums, earning a Grammy nomination for

‘OK Orchestra’ Review: AJR has never been this strong

The exuberance, vitality and storied lyrics of Broadway. The layers, jazz and funk of a 1930s big-band orchestra. Enormous sounds and themes so specific that they are automatically personalized. All melded together and wrapped up with drum pads, synthesizers and driving beats to make AJR’s latest creation: “OK Orchestra.” Stumbling onto a random Apple Music suggested album — “Neotheater” — several weeks ago led me to an unexpected goldmine. From that album’s first track, “Next Up Forever,” I

Yoke Lore Interview: ‘A lot of music is to come’

Adrian Galvin, more commonly known as Yoke Lore, began his musical career as a drummer. Notably, he spent several years as the drummer for the band Walk The Moon in college before pursuing other projects, eventually releasing his first EP as Yoke Lore — Far Shore — in 2016. Since the release of Far Shore, Yoke Lore has released three more EPs — Goodpain, Absolutes and Meditations — and spent roughly three years on tour around the world. Recently, he composed the score for the film Pink Skies Ah